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Aikido Ueshiba 
Aikido's Ueshiba

Masters Historical Video Series

Aikido's Ueshiba features Master Moreihei Ueshiba. He can be seen in this video performing Aikido at its very best. Not only will you see the founder but also his son and other great Aikido Masters, like Tohei Saito and Shioda when they were very young. The DVD also includes a sequence of night time shots that feature the Master demonstrating very rare sword and jo techniques in the forest. This DVD is in extremely good condition and has been created from 8mm film. Key Words: Aikido, Ueshiba,Weapons, Martial Arts

US $19.99

Japanese / Okinawan Masters

Masters Historical Video Series

This is a compilation of the two best sellers and award winning DVDs recently released BUDO Japanese Okinawan Masters and American Masters. There are over 80 of Japan's and Okinawa's top masters names like Ueshiba Kano Funakoshi, Kim Nishiyama and Higa Seko highlight the Budo DVD and the other is a double DVD set which has names like Urban, Trias, Banks, Norris and all the other great American masters. If you want a complete history of martial arts in America, Japan and Okinawa this is the package for you they are all here and there is so much footage here you be simply amazed as this is a collection of the best of the best. Over 15 of the world's leading collectors have pooled there footage for this project. It truly is a one of a kind. Key Words: Martial Arts Masters,Karate, Self Defense

US $19.99

Okinawan Karate & Kobudo Legends

Masters Historical Video Series

This video is a short introduction on each of the individuals in this series called Okinawan Karate Kobudo Legends from Funakoshi to Miyazato, Yagi to Nakazato, Chibana to Akamine and so many more.  You will see and hear their own stories and history.  Truly a one of a kind on Okinawa Karate and Kobudo produced for those who want a quick over view on the Okinawan Martial Arts.

US $19.99
Okinawan Karate & Kobudo Legends
Masters Historical Video Series

Undoubtedly this is the most comprehensive DVD ever showing the American Masters and Champions of The Martial Arts ever- names like Trias, Urban, Parker, Nishiyama, Lewis Tegner, Yamashita Bruno Urquidez, Wall, Matteson, Slocki, and Norris are but a few of the biggest names in North American martial arts history. These are the masters that have forged a legacy for us all. These are the men that set the groundwork. This collection of over 110 masters and Champions is a compilation from the personal archives of over 15 of the most prominent collectors in the world of historical footage; names like Ernie Lieb, Chuck Merriman, John Grayden, Emil Farkas, Tayari Caseland Sid Campbell have all graciously donated to the wealth of this important project. Much of this rare footage was shot in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s on either 8 mm or Super 8 film, so the quality is good. Some was shot more recently on digital cameras, so the quality is excellent. Written by Emil Farkas owner of the Beverly Hills Martial Arts Archives and Don Warrener, world renowned writer of hundreds of articles and books, the information is factual and well written. Narrated by Farkas, the author of best selling book 'Encyclopedia Of Martial Arts', Farkas is one of the most knowledgeable people in America when it comes to historical facts related to these the American Masters and Champions of the Martial Arts. Key Words: Martial Arts history, martial arts masters, demonstrations, karate
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By Tak Kubota

For the first time ever, Soke Tak Kubota reveals hidden treasures of combat. See the secrets of hand and body conditioning used by the ancient Okinawa karate masters to defeat armed Japanese Samurai with their bare hands! Tak Kubota, the world's most knowledgeable karate master on ancient combat conditioning, demonstrates in detail the training that made him a lethal weapon. Knowing martial arts techniques is only a foundation. Hands and feet conditioning is the next step in delivering devastating blows with rock-crushing power. Many of these exercises and training methods have never been revealed to the public before. For more than 50 years, beginners and black belts have benefited from Master Kubota's amazing unconventional methods.
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Vol. 1-2-3 
Vol. 1, Classic Judo Masters (103 minutes), includes 47 sensei and shows the great Judo legends like Kotani, Ishikawa, Mifune and many others. These are the men who were considered the “protégés” of Grandmaster Kano. This footage has never seen by the public since it was shot over 60 years ago in Japan. Author Hal Sharp recounts stories of each master from his own experience. 
1. Prologue, 2. Kodokan, 3. Children Novices & Women, 4. 10th Dan Senseis 
5. Other Great Teachers, 6. All-Japan Champions, 7. Other Competitors. 
DOWNLOAD Vol-1   us $19.99 

Vol. 2, Classic Basic Judo By The Masters (68 minutes) brings back to life names like Kobayashi, Yoda, Ichijima, Samura, Tokuyama, Otaki, etc. Names that would have been forgotten but that Hal Sharp has recovered them in this DVD capturing the history of Judo. 1. Kobayashi, 2. Ichijama,3. Kotani, 4. Otaki, 5. Yoda, 6. Samura,7. Tokuyama 
DOWNLOAD Vol-2   us $19.99  
Vol. 3, Classic Judo Katas (72 minutes), shows grandmasters of Kodokan demonstrate the katas of Judo before there was Judo, when it was still called Ju Jitsu. You will learn and understand randori kata’s Nage-No-Kata (throwing forms), Katame-No-Kata (grappling forms), Itsutsu-No-Kata (forms of five) Ju-No-Kata (forms of gentleness) Self-Defense kata’s like Koshiki-No-Kata, Kime-No-Kata, and Taiho Jutsu plus Goshin Jutsu or Modern Self-Defense.
1. History 2. Kobudo Kata, 3. Nage-no-Kata, 4. Katame-no-Kata, 5. Ju-no-Kata 6. Itsutsu-no-Kata, 7. Kime-no-Karta, 8. Tomiki’s Aikido, 9. Taiho Jutsu, 
10. Goshin Jutsu.
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Vol. 4-5-6

Vol. 4, Classic Judo Competition Techniques (63 minutes), shows masters Osawa, Matsushita, Asahi, Hattori, Shibayama, Miura, Ikeda, Yoshiaki and Mizutani explaining their favorite techniques. They show the timing, the control, the combinations, and the applications of each technique plus the groundwork and counter-throws for which the masters became famous. 1. Osawa, 2. Matsushita, 3. Ashi, 4. Hatori, 5. Shibayama, 6. Miura, 7. Ikeda, 8. Yoshiaki, 9. Mizutani, 10. Koyama, 11. Asakawa, 12. Tadahiro, 13. Fujine, 14. Onnagawa. 
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Vol. 5, Favorite Judo Techniques Of The Masters (64 minutes), brings the Judo’s top masters that Jigoro Kano himself trained. The great masters at their best! Shot in the early 1950’s at the Kodokan and in village dojos in Japan by Hal Sharp. This is the way Judo is! Author also uses little yellow filters to isolate the exact nuances in many of the techniques.
1. Nagaoka, 2. Kawakami, 3. Takagaki, 4. Ito, 5. Kudo, 6. Asami, 7. Shinojima.
DOWNLOAD Vol-5   us $19.99 
Vol. 6, Tsukamoto’s Judo & Self Defense (48 minutes) shows Master Tsukamoto’s practical Judo method against strikes and knives attacks. Master Tsukamoto created this method based on his practical experience in combat. This video includes a ‘bonus’ section with Hosogawa’s “Taiho Jutsu”, the method used in the Tokyo Police Department.
1. Throwing Techniques, 2. Counter Throws, 3. Holding Techniques, 4. Chokes, 
5. Arm Locks, 6. Self-Defense, 7. Taiho Jutsu.
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Native American Teachings
Joseph Rael
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Joseph Rael
(Beautiful Painted Arrow)

US $112.99
Josep Rael-box
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World at War Documentary series
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World At War
Documentary Series


26 Episodes Available
for Download
$2.99 each
Episode 1.
GERMANY 1933-1939: The rebirth of Germany and growth in power of the NAZI Party leading up to the outbreak of war. Interviewees included: Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist Schmenzin, Werner Pusch
and Christabel Bielenberg.

More than 30 years after its initial broadcast, THE WORLD AT WAR remains the definitive visual history of World War II. Narrated by Academy Award winner Laurence Olivier, this is epic history at its absolute best.
THE WORLD AT WAR is the recipient of numerous accolades, including an International Emmy Award, The National Television Critic''''s Award for Best Documentary, and knighthood for its creator, Sir Jeremy Isaacs.




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Tae Kwon Do
Kung Fu
Wing Chun