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Grandmaster Soke Tak Kubota Series
4 DVD Series & Video Download



By Tak Kubota
In this DVD, Soke Kubota presents Anso no Kata, a meditation form, which is performed in a slow rhythmic fashion. It is designed to help relax your muscles during the various changing movements. Life is movement and movement is life, so it is important to practice meditation while in motion, as well as in non-movement form.
This can heighten your awareness of yourself and your surroundings. True inner relaxation and calm is the foundation for the development of genuine power, energy and well being.
Item: HF-415

By Tak Kubota

The official Kubotan self-defense keychain is a 5 ½-inch plastic rod with a key ring attached. It can be carried almost everywhere and, with some basic training, can be an effective means of protection. This DVD will teach you the basic strikes and techniques you'll need to know to use the Kubotan. Master Kubota begins by explaining vulnerable striking points of the body. Next, he teaches some simple striking patterns and joint manipulations. After learning the basics, you'll learn how to counter specific attacks, including wrist grabs, arm grabs, chokes, punches, bear hugs, and more.
Master Takayuki Kubota is president and general instructor of the International Karate Association. He has taught martial arts and self-defense to law enforcement officers and the general public for more than 50 years. Kubotan®, originally designed and registered by Master Kubota for law enforcement agencies Kubotan® is still the predominate self-defense tool in the field of professional and private security.
Item: HF-413
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By Tak Kubota

This DVD is highly rated and beautifully done. See the techniques that took Soke Tak Kubota to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. This training instruction offers a wide array of Iaido techniques that are sure to open your eyes. This is a must-have for all artists. This DVD serves as a great introduction to the art of Iaijutsu and is also excellent if you are interested in Japanese swordsmanship. Included are basics, such as the grip, cutting, and sheathing of the sword, as well as the 9 basic to advanced competition kata and their applications in the first level of this art. It’s perfect for any martial arts library.

Item: HF


By Tak Kubota

For the first time ever, Soke Tak Kubota reveals hidden treasures of combat. See the secrets of hand and body conditioning used by the ancient Okinawa karate masters to defeat armed Japanese Samurai with their bare hands! Tak Kubota, the world's most knowledgeable karate master on ancient combat conditioning, demonstrates in detail the training that made him a lethal weapon. Knowing martial arts techniques is only a foundation. Hands and feet conditioning is the next step in delivering devastating blows with rock-crushing power. Many of these exercises and training methods have never been revealed to the public before. For more than 50 years, beginners and black belts have benefited from Master Kubota's amazing unconventional methods.
Item: HF-305

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