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Grandmaster Samuel Kwok has been studying Wing Chun since 1967. After moving to the UK in 1972, he studied under Lee Sing. After returning to Hong Kong, Kwok began intensive private study with Grandmaster Ip Chun. He was awarded Master Status in 1981 and represented Ip Chun for many years. Grandmaster Kwok was the first to bring Ip Chun and Ip Ching from Hong Kong, and introduce their teaching to the U.K. Europe, Germany, Australia, Denmark, and the U.S. In 1994, Grandmaster Kwok returned to study with Grandmaster Ip Ching. He is the senior representative of the Ip Man / Ip Chun / Ip Ching lineage in the U.K. and U.S., with certified instructors around the world.

VOL. 1 Siu Lim Tao (Little Idea)
The Keys To Ip Man’s Kung Fu 
By Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Siu Lim Tao is the firsthand form of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. The form teaches the correct hand and arm positions for attack and defense. Development and use of energy are the focus of Siu Lim Tao training. In this informative DVD, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok teaches the correct method of performing the form as handed down by Ip Man, and gives the student the keys to training the foundation of the Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu method. Instruction includes the correct method of performing the form, as well as training methods and the application of each technique. 

VOL. 2 Chum Kiu (Seeking the Bridge)
The Keys To Ip Man’s Kung Fu 
By Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Chum Kiu is the second form in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. This form teaches the dynamic application of the techniques learned in Wing Chun’s first form Siu Lim Tao. While the first form teaches the correct structure of the attacks and defensive movements, it is in Chum Kiu that the student learns to “seek the bridge” and use both hands simultaneously, such as one hand defending while the other attacks. Chum Kiu teaches stepping and footwork, and also Wing Chun’s specialized kicking method and the generation of power through the correct method of using the entire body in stance turning (Yiu Ma). In this DVD, Grandmaster Kwok also demonstrates and explains in detail the use of Wing Chun’s devastating short-range power.


VOL. 3 Biu Gee (Thrusting Fingers)
The Keys To Ip Man’s Kung Fu 
By Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Biu Gee “thrusting fingers,” also known as “first aid hand,” is the last hand form taught in the Ip Man Wing Chun system. Biu Gee training is one of the keys to learning to focus energy into a strike. Biu Gee also develops devastating striking power by combining focused strikes with the rotational energy developed by correct stance turning (Yiu Ma), as learned in the previous training of the Chum Kiu form. Another key of Biu Gee training is to train the hands to regain the center if the centerline is lost or unguarded. The Biu Gee form teaches two unique methods of footwork, the use of “Two Direction Energy” and how to control the opponent and effectively use continuous striking movements. In this DVD, Grandmaster Kwok demonstrates the proper method of training this devastating form.


3 Video SET
Vol. 1-2-3 

The Keys To Ip Man’s Kung Fu 
By Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

The Original Three Volumes in One Set!


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The Keys To Ip Man’s Kung Fu

By Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

Vol. 4 – CHI SAO


This is a unique and refreshing insight into the Chi Sao element of Ip Man’s original Wing Chun Kung Fu. In this DVD, all the major drills and trapping theories are investigated with explosive applications. You will learn the techniques of Chi Sao: basic hand techniques, single hand and double hand drills, and footwork, correct body structure alignment, body turning, etc… Chi Sao constitutes the most important training method in the Wing Chun system. It is what Ip Man referred to as the Genius of Wing Chun. Training in Chi Sao will help you develop contact reflexes, which is the key to victory in a live combat situation. Chi Sao training develops close quarter coordination and close quarter focus; improves mobility, balance, timing, and accuracy, and creates ample targets and openings in which to attack and counter. This DVD is demonstrated by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, one of the world’s most respected Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu technicians.


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The Keys To Ip Man’s Kung Fu

By Grandmaster Samuel Kwok


The Wing Chun wooden training dummy is a training device designed to correct technique and structure as well as increase power, speed, accuracy, and conditioning. You’ll learn the true Original Ip Man’s Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form from Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. This DVD is a complete step-by-step guide to the Wooden Dummy hands techniques, legs application, and footwork. All the original sections are demonstrated clearly from start to finish, in different camera angles to facilitate easy and accurate learning. There also is a general commentary and description of each segment and its most common training mistakes to improve not only your technique, but your level of understanding. In addition to teaching the skills on the wooden dummy, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok demonstrates the applications of the wooden dummy training techniques on a partner, giving you an excellent idea of the combat effectiveness of each movement.


Digital Video DOWNLOAD $19.99

Robert Chu


by Robert Chu

This three-DVD Wing Chun series by Master Robert Chu, is packed with information you won’t find anywhere else. Sifu Robert Chu is widely regarded as a repository of Wing Chun knowledge gained from many years of research and training.

In this series, he explains – from basic to advanced – the “core” principles of the Wing Chun Kuen system. Concepts and techniques of controlling the centerline, entering, intercepting, body power, proper balance, amongst many others, are analyzed in minute detail. This set is a superb technical reference for all Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioners and  post-graduate level course for those wishing to learn and understand the inner applications of the complete set of essential principles used in the system. These more advanced methods will help refine your movement and technique in the art and will allow you to more quickly develop a higher level of skill in Wing Chun Kuen.

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Tony Massengill Drills   WING CHUN TRAINING DRILLS 
Developing Conditioned Reflex for Combat
By Master Tony Massengill

Two of the things which sets Wing Chun apart from many other systems is the principles upon which it is built and the way it is trained. In this DVD, 3rd Generation Ip Man Family Wing Chun Lineage Master Instructor Tony Massengill presents the keys to effective training for developing Conditioned Reflex in fighting techniques. These are drills and principles will not only improve the Wing Chun practitioner, but enhance the skill level of any martial artist no matter what system they practice. 
Drills include methods of improving:
• Contact Reflex
• Physical and Structural Speed
• Close Range Effectiveness
• Economy in Attack and Defense
• Power from Proper Structure, not Muscular Strength 
• And Much, Much More!
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us $19.99

Tony Massengill Close Range



Closing the Distance and Close Range Combat
By Master Tony Massengill

This is practical martial arts at its best! In this DVD, Master Instructor Tony Massengill presents the keys to effective Close Range Combat. Covered are such skills as, Creating Bridge Contact for control of the opponent. The famous “Inch-Punch” from Wing Chun and the differences in the way Bruce Lee demonstrated the technique compared to the way it is actually used in fighting. The “Returning Punch”, a devastating strike which is nearly impossible to defend. An analysis of the anatomical differences of the vertical and horizontal punch, and which is more structurally sound. The shifting knee strike and close range kicking to destroy the opponent’s base. All this and much…much more!
Sifu Tony Massengill brings his unique blend of over 43 years in the Martial Arts combined with 25 years working as a Police Officer, Firefighter and Paramedic, to his teaching style. This is practical experience from the street, not theory based only from Dojo training and sport martial arts.

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us $19.99

Wing Chun Weapons


Butterfly Knives & Long Pole
The Weapons of the Ip Man Family Wing Chun Kung Fu System
By Master Tony Massengill

Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular systems! While much has been written and filmed about this method, little has been released on the Weapons training. Traditionally the weapons of the Wing Chun system are only introduced after mastery of the empty hand forms and Wooden Dummy training. It is said that Ip Man taught the knife form to only seven students. So this training has not been readily available, even up to our current generation!
The Long Pole teaches principles of long range weapons use and single weapon use. The Wing Chun Double Knives teach principles of close-range weapons and double weapon use. Also covered in this DVD is how the weapon training relates to empty hand use! In this DVD, 3rd Generation Ip Man Family Wing Chun Lineage Master Instructor Tony Massengill presents the weapons training and forms which have been passed to him in the direct lineage of the Ip Family. Material covered includes the traditional pole and knife forms, along with fighting applications and training methods.

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us $19.99

Combat Chin Na


The Art of Capture and Control 
By Master Tony Massengill

In this DVD, Master Tony Massengill presents a practical, application based examination of the principles and techniques of Combat Chin Na. The techniques of Chin Na are not for the squeamish. Applied correctly, Chin Na is designed to destroy the opponent’s ability to attack or defend, through twisting, locking, and breaking the limbs of the opponent. The author explains the linking or bridging concept which is the key to practical application of the locking techniques of Chin Na. Methods of finger, wrist, elbow, and leg Chin Na are covered teaching both the mechanical and application aspects of the technique.
Master Massengill’s background spanning 25 years working as a Police Officer, Firefighter and Paramedic in addition to over 43 years of Martial Arts study give him a very unique, practical and frightfully realistic approach to teaching. This is practical experience from the street, not theory based only from Dojo training and sport martial arts.

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us $19.99

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