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By Shihan Val Mijailovic

A classic DVD to be treasured by all Karate practitioners and martial artist, Masterclass Karate: Sweeping Techniques is considered by many experts as the ultimate guide to sweeping techniques in Karate. The author, a former IKA world champion and karate master, has updated this rich source to reflect changes that have taken place in the last two decades in the competition field. Shihan Mijailovic reveals the techniques—time-tested in real competition—training, and strategy for dominating and submitting your opponent with powerful sweeps. This DVD has a great deal to offer to all Karate students, from beginner to black belt level, as well as being a unique and enjoyable way to learn about the true art of using sweeps in karate sparring.
48 minutes

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Val Mijailovic
Shihan Mijailovic
is not only physically imposing, but also a giant in spirit and martial arts ability. A direct student of Grandmaster Tak Kubota, Mijailovic is as powerful with his words as he is with his fists. With a natural talent for the finer points of the art, he stresses that attitude is the major factor to be successful in the way of true Karate-do. As a competitor, he has gathered many of the most important trophies in the karate circles, including the first IKA World Cup title. Shihan Mijailovic devotes much of his current time to the martial arts. With many top students under his wing, he works hard to preserve the traditional values of Karate with endless passion