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San Miguel Escrima vol-1  MASTERCLASS ESCRIMA
The Way of San Miguel Double X Escrima System
By Master Claudio Maurelli

San Miguel Eskrima is the martial art created to defend the Church from the invasions of Islamic terrorists. In 1890 three Brothers of Saavedra Family (Teodoro, Lorenzo and Federico), formidable Fighters armed with sticks taught the basics of the Art a few students including Filemon "Momoy" Canete and Father Miguel Ortega. Subsequently Momoy Canete devoted himself to teaching in some clubs of Cebu City (philippines) and in some monasteries (San Carlos Seminary) his style of eskrima to which he gave the name of San Miguel Eskrima X System. Father Miguel Ortega likewise devoted himself to teach his art called San Miguel Eskrima Doubli X in her convent of Argaw. Thanks The efforts of these extraordinary fighters (Eskrimadors), the Church was able to form priests to be able to defend Their own monasteries and seminaries from unexpected attacks of Moros groups (Islamic terrorists and robbers). The union of these teachings was born the Way of San Miguel technique carried out by one of the students of those years: Grand Master Albert Dacayana Sr. One of his direct disciples devoted his life not to waste this teaching and this inherits.

Claudio Maurelli born in a Italian City, Civitavecchia on 09/29/1976 and he is dedicated to the research of traditional Philippine arts and Chinese Arts since he was 14 years old. When he discover the presence of a Real traditional Master of San Miguel Eskrima in Italy, he decided to learn the martial art and the Filipino culture associated with it from Gm Dacayana Sr.. Claudio lived eight years with that Grand Master in Italy and in Cebu City, where he still returns every year to discuss and test other eskrimadors in cebuan districts, where the Eskrima art was born and development later in the world.

In this first volume the Eskrimador speak about rudiments of one of the main techniques of the Way of San Miguel Eskrima, illustrating footwork step by step and his GM Dacayana Alberto SR even some "Tinago" or techniques used by the cebuan priests, many years ago to win in a few seconds the invaders. Its the first DVD of the series suitable for anyone who wants to know the history, techniques and training methods The art of the Priests of Cebu City and Argaw. The Way of San Miguel Eskrima.Escrima Club Dax International.

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